Hey there, it looks like you're using Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Microsoft hates the Web and doesn't support HTML5 :(

To play this game you need a good Browser, like Opera, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Jump: X, Shoot: C, Move: Arrow Keys

So what's the deal?

The game you (hopefully) see above is not done in Flash. It's pure HTML5 and Javascript. You don't need any Plugin to play, just a good Browser.

I made a short making-of video that explains some things and also shows the level editor in action. You can read some more technical details on my blog.

When will the engine and the level editor be released?

The HTML5 Game Engine behind Biolab Disaster is now available at ImpactJS.com. This also includes the Weltmeister Level Editor.


Concept, Graphics & Programming:
Dominic Szablewski
Andreas Lösch
Title Image:
Used with permission from Niklas Jansson